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The Luciano Pavarotti Opera House is a nationally recognized theatre for the creation and staging of opera performances. This activity is often carried out in collaboration with other Italian and international opera houses, so as to present the same show to thousands of spectators. Economic support offered by interested people and corporations can contribute to the growth of a cultural heritage of global interest, and participate with their own brand or name in a global artistic and cultural environment.

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The Luciano Pavarotti Opera is also a place of training and study for young singers. In Modena, the birthplace of Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti, where one of the most important lyrical traditions is still alive today, young talents from all over the world come to train and take their first steps on stage to initiate an international career. Many students, thanks to their studies with Mirella Freni and Raina Kabaivanska, have emerged in important competitions and major opera companies. The Opera House offers private individuals and corporations the opportunity to help young singers with scholarships to undertake their advanced studies and demonstrate their talent to the public.

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The Luciano Pavarotti Opera House is a private Foundation and survives with the help of public subsidies as well as the fundamental support of citizens and institutions that want to encourage the development of music culture through the performing arts and music. In addition to its normal program, the Opera House proposes numerous initiatives for schools and children.
Donating to the Luciano Pavarotti Opera House directly supports its initiatives in favor of theatrical professional development and educational programs and services for young and old.

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